Quilling Card Merry Christmas – Santa, the parachutant – VN1XM115144E2


I am Santa, the parachutant. Isn't it a great idea to parachute to your funnel? What do you want for this Christmas?

Design & handmade by Quilling Arts – Viet Net – www.QuillingArts.com – From Hands with Love

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Size: 15 cm x 15 cm

Weight: 1 card = about 24 grams

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Packed in standard cartons. One big carton (width 40 cm x length 42 cm x height 62 cm) holds three small cartons (width 37.5 cm x length 38 cm x length 19.5 cm). Each can hold about 200 cards. The weight of one big carton is about 19 kg.


1 product includes a quilled card, 1 writing note, 1 envelope 1 plastic bag.