Gifting has been an important tradition that brings joy and impression to receivers. Especially for a company, unique company gift are always an intimate way to express gratitude toward customers, leaders, and colleagues. As an indispensable part of every business’s marketing campaign and a very effective way to engage with customers, browsing for meaningful company gift every year is one of the never-ending questions for every company. Realizing the growing demand for unique, customized company gift in the corporate space, Viet Net Quilling Art’s designer and production team are offering our specialties to deliver exactly what you need.

Our specialties:

_ Handmade Greeting card: is an essential part of every gift set. It represents your words and attitudes but sometimes has been underestimated by many people. Working with us, you can characterize your greeting card and create a unique message by applying different techniques such as veneer, quilling, and 3D pop-up. Sophisticated handmade greeting card is an ultimate way to honor your loyal customers, investors, leaders, and colleagues;

_ Handmade Bookmark: Reading is the root of knowledge. Your customized bookmark gift not only bring positivities but also signify your corporate belief;

_Handmade Notebook: Who can resist a beautiful hand-crafted notebook made from paper and raw fabrics!

_Handmade Calendar: A great gift for year-end, your company calendar will accompany receivers to the whole new year;

_ Handmade Box: Your gift set items are completed, but your box looks sloppy. Viet Net can customize a special box for your gift set.

_ Many other company gifts are available for your idea such as Keychain, sticky-note, ornaments, etc. Reach us for better support!

Questions & Answers

How can I start ?

Hi, my name is Nghia and you can call me Tom. Feel free to tell me what you need for your project. Reach me through:

Phone/Whatsapp: +84903039595

Email: [email protected]

How do you customize gift for my company ?


I will present to you our specialties and give some suggestions for gifts. When you’re happy with the product, I and my design team will work with you about the designs. All the design matters such as material picks, layouts, colors, packaging will be discussed carefully. My team will create a sample for your approval before production.

How long does it take for production?

Viet Net Quilling Art is a production house. Hence, we are capable of handling rush orders.

What is the payment term ?

You will need to place a design deposit fee, 50% payment before production and 50% payment before delivery.

What about the shipping ?

My shipping team will deliver the whole package to your company. If you want Viet Net to deliver gifts directly to your receivers, we will need to discuss more the non-disclosure agreement term, service fee, and related shipping cost.


our creations

Our gratitude for all your trust and support !