What is quilling?

Quilling is also called by many names, paper-rolling, paper-scrolling, filigree, and  mosaic. Although the crafting art is called by my many names and has a rich history of quilling behind it, the definition of quilling is simple. Quilling art is a hand-craft art. It uses strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create beautiful designs. Despite its simplicity, there is no boundary for quillings’ creativity. The paper quilling art is applied to many designs, from a small adorable greeting card to a beautiful picture wall-hanging and more.


Why is it called quilling?

The word “quilling” refers to a goose feather (quill) tool which is initially used to coil paper strips.  This had been transformed to mean paper filigree when the nuns used paper to create quilling art rather than silver and gold threads.

Why do many people love quilling?

The most attractive fact about quilling is the opposition between its limitation and simplicity. You don’t need years to learn about the craft. Creative ideas, two functional crafty hands, colorful strips of paper, a needle tool, and glue are all you need to start the first project. Interesting, isn’t it?


Where did quilling originate?

Due to the long history of quilling, There hasn’t been proper documentation on how the quilling art was started. Most people know that quilling started after the invention of paper in China. However, others have claimed that quilling originated in ancient Egypt. Regardless of where quilling originates, it has spread around the world.

Quilling art journey

For example, around 300-400 AD, people used the quilling techniques to roll silver and gold threads around pillars and vases, and combined them with gemstones. This art form was very popular until colored metals, silvers, gold became more difficult and expensive to craft The colorful paper then replaces due to its practical and economic benefits. Quilling became more prominent when French and Italian nuns rolled up paper strips and torn bibles to decorate reliquaries and holy pictures, adding gilding and much ornamentation.

The ladies of leisure practiced the quilling art in the 1600s and 1700s. In the Stuart period, quilling became popular at the beginning of the 1700s, and in the Georgian period in the 1800s. In Europe and England, quilling became a trend and hobby for many young women which later was taught in school. Young women could show their craftiness by quill flowers to decorate cupboards, tea-caddies, cabinets, card tables, toolboxes, wine-vases, and furniture, etc. Back then, only the upper-class women would have time and material to practice this meticulous art form.

This art form was popular in the Regency period in the 1800s then faded towards the end of the century. There were some unsuccessful efforts in reviving the art form. Immigrants have brought this art form to North America, and it has gone through many transformations and has been revived today.


There are so many applications of quilling art into life. Following are some of Quilling art Viet Net rankings


A greeting card is the best application of quilling. People love good memory and the best way to keep them is through a greeting card. Paper quilling card is one of the best ways to keep valuable memories thanks to its complexity of designs and value of the hand-work. You can always keep the card, frame it, and make a beautiful picture for decorations.

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Quilling wall-hanging always brings great value to its owner. Normally, a big wall-hanging requires a lot of handwork from its artists. It takes from 1 day to few weeks to complete one project based on the complexity of the design. Hence, home decoration is always a top choice for quilling applications.

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Are you or your friends a bookworm? Then a quilling bookmark is definitely the best application for you. Going through pages never gets more interesting with your beautiful quilling bookmark.

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Jewelry is an indispensable item for every woman, especially earrings. Although the earrings come from many different types of material, paper is always one of the unique choices that tell a lot about its owners. That is why quilling earrings ranked as a top choice for quilling applications. Who can resist beautiful hand-crafted paper earrings.

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I love to travel. Visiting countries and learn about different cultures always brings a lot of joy and happiness. Throughout my trip, I never forget to buy souvenirs for my friends and me to keep memories of my adventures. For me, it is like the achievement badges to mark my journey. Magnet is a top choice for my pick. Hence, quilling market is going to be my top pick.

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