Why is father’s day so important and how to celebrate it

Why is father's day so important and how to celebrate it “My father used to say that it's never too late to do anything you wanted to do. And he said, 'You never know what you can accomplish until you try.” – Michael Jordan – Fathher, our first love and very last hero There is no question about the importance of  the father into our life. Our real-life heroes are the one who walk our the very first step. He is the one who always accompanies you through all the bright, sorrow, up and down in our life. To honor them for all goodness and sacrifices they've made, father's day is celebrated in the third Sunday of June every year.  What is the history behinds father's day A customary day for the celebration of fatherhood in Catholic Europe is known to date back to...

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Celebrating International Children’s Day

CHILDREN, OUR FUTURE OF THE WORLD “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” – Nelson Mandela – Children, our future and legacy All human being life begins by being born - live - all human being die. Our lives are not endless, we are finite, our journey started and ended in a flashing life cycle. When we come to our ends, what do we leave behind? What are our legacies to the world? In the big picture, our children will be the most valuable legacy. They will soon become the lead generation of the world who need proper care and preparation in the present. Despite dramatic improvements in survival, nutrition, and education over recent decades, climate change, ecological degradation, migrating populations, conflict, pervasive inequalities, and predatory commercial practices threaten...

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How to make quilling for beginner? Part 2 – How to do quilling | Viet Net Quilling Art

1. CHECKLIST 2. STEP 1: PRINT FREE QUILLING BLUEPRINT 3. STEP 2: HOW TO QUILL? 4. STEP 3: HOW TO GLUE? 5. YOU MIGHT WANT TO KNOW: QUILLING TRICKS After the first part about quilling tools, you are pretty familiar with what you need to prepare for your DIY quilling projects. In the second part, you will get your hand into the real quilling work and learn how to do quilling. Excited? Before you start, don't forget to do a checklist, following might help: CHECKLIST   Prepare your blueprints and ideas; Clean crafting desk and comfortable sit; Water or a cup of coffee should be great; Tools in the table (quilling needle, point tweezer, thread snip, White glue, pointed nail file, crafting board, quilling paper string) Enjoy Viet Net short video before getting started ❤ STEP 1: PRINT FREE QUILLING BLUEPRINT STEP 2: HOW TO QUILL 1 - you need stably to hold a quilling needle...

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How to make quilling for beginner? Part 1 – What are quilling tools needed for DIY project?

1. What are quilling tools? 2. Frequently asked questions about quilling tools? 2.1 How to make quilling needles? 2.2 Why should I use a point nail file and point tweezer? 2.3 How can I make quilling paper strips? 2.4 What are other glue types I can use for my quilling project? Greeting crafty people! Thank you for your visit. Through this series of posts, you can learn how to do your own quilling project from the beginning. The following post will talk about all the quilling tools you need for your project. The global pandemic has changed life forever since 2020. Now, all people around the world have to adapt to the new normal situation in which social isolation, stress, and anxiety are serious problems. According to WHO, coping with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak, there are ways you can do to _ Talk...

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Quilling Arts Viet Net, 15 years and more

  Quilling Arts Viet Net, 15 years and more Quilling Arts Viet Net is extremely proud to be one of the pioneers, prestigious, and creating high-quality products in the quilling industry of Vietnam over the last  15 years. Since the beginning, Viet Net Quilling Arts has step by step overcome the difficulties with unwavering effort and determination. We also have gained more and more confidence and affirmed our brand position in both domestic and international markets. Our quilling products are distributed in many bookstores and tourist destinations from the north to the south of Vietnam. We not only bring Vietnamese lifestyles and beautiful natural creatures into quilling art but also prove Vietnamese excellent craftmanship to the world. We understand and appreciate the fact and this achievement cannot be achieved without the contribution of all members. Regardless of the...

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