How to make quilling for beginner? Part 1 – What are quilling tools needed for DIY project?


Greeting crafty people! Thank you for your visit. Through this series of posts, you can learn how to do your own quilling project from the beginning. The following post will talk about all the quilling tools you need for your project.

The global pandemic has changed life forever since 2020. Now, all people around the world have to adapt to the new normal situation in which social isolation, stress, and anxiety are serious problems. According to WHO, coping with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak, there are ways you can do to

_ Talk to your friends and families, virtually or physically if you live with them;

_ Maintain a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, exercise, and don’t use alcohol, smoke, or drugs to get you out of the problems.

_ Lessening the time you and your family spend watching or listening to media coverage that you perceive as upsetting.

_ Use your skills and passions to manage your emotions. Learning new skills and knowledge should be great.

This topic is created to help you with your first DIY quilling project. My team hopes we can bring positive energy to you during the pandemic time and show a great new skill you can learn for your crafting enthusiasm. Quilling arts Viet Net has divided this series of posts into 3 main parts:

1 – What are quilling tools?

2 – How to do quilling?

3 – Easy quilling project for you to practice

So, let’s begin my crafty people!

What are quilling tools?

quilling needle quilling art viet net

A quilling needle is an essential tool for quilling creation. This tool has a small center slot which use to attach paper strings to scroll and roll quilling. The tool comes in different sizes for different paper string sizes usage.

Point tweezer is a needed tool for you to pick, shape, and align your paper strings precisely into the form/place you want. You should use the point form tweezer, this can help you improve the precision of your work.

Thread snip/clipper is another useful tool for your quilling project. You will need this to cut your paper string into your needed length. Of course, you can use other scissors-type for this, but the thread snip can save you a lot of effort.

White glue is the water-base glue and is perfect for your quilling project. You should only use this glue because it is used for paper, easy to clean/fix and bring the finest outcome for your project. 

(Optional) A pointed nail file helps you to spread white glue into your crafting board. Slim white glue spread is important if you don’t want it to mess up your paper strings. Just a small detail which make your project better. 

quilling tool quilling crafting board quilling art viet net

(Optional) The crafting board should be in crystal/plastic/mica material. This is used for your white glue spread. If possible, you can also create designed shape holes for your quilling shapes. 

Nevertheless, quilling paper string is essential for your quilling project. You should pick all beautiful color that is suitable for your project. The thickness of paper string is also something you should care about because the different projects might require different thickness sizes of paper string. For me, my favorites are 2 mm and 5 mm. The smaller the project, the thinner the thickness of paper strings and vice versa.

quilling tools quilling paper strings

Frequently asked questions about quilling tools

How to make quilling needles?

It is where you can use your creativity. There are many ways you can improvise to make your own quilling needle. As long as you can create a tool with a small center slot tool stabilized in a stable handle grip, it is going to work. Here are tips for you, you can use a sewing needle (Cut bottom) or a toothpick (Make center slot).

Why should I use a point nail file and point tweezer?

So, why pointed tools. With the pointed tool, you can use them easily to clean and fix corners that are messed up by the glue. Trust us, it works!

How can I make quilling paper strips?

You should buy quilling paper strips. It is definitely going to save you a lot of time. However, in case you can’t, prepare a sharp paper knife and a long ruler. You need to cut your paper carefully string by string. Don’t forget to fold your paper into 3 to 4 layers before cutting, it will save your time.

What are other glue types I can use for my quilling project?

Only white glue is very important. Other water-based glue can work, but white glue is the best for this project.

That is all you need to know about quilling tools. Let pick or create your tools and get ready for the next part in the real field, how to do quilling (Click here).

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