How to make quilling for beginner? Part 2 – How to do quilling | Viet Net Quilling Art

1. CHECKLIST 2. STEP 1: PRINT FREE QUILLING BLUEPRINT 3. STEP 2: HOW TO QUILL? 4. STEP 3: HOW TO GLUE? 5. YOU MIGHT WANT TO KNOW: QUILLING TRICKS After the first part about quilling tools, you are pretty familiar with what you need to prepare for your DIY quilling projects. In the second part, you will get your hand into the real quilling work and learn how to do quilling. Excited? Before you start, don't forget to do a checklist, following might help: CHECKLIST   Prepare your blueprints and ideas; Clean crafting desk and comfortable sit; Water or a cup of coffee should be great; Tools in the table (quilling needle, point tweezer, thread snip, White glue, pointed nail file, crafting board, quilling paper string) Enjoy Viet Net short video before getting started ❤ STEP 1: PRINT FREE QUILLING BLUEPRINT STEP 2: HOW TO QUILL 1 - you need stably to hold a quilling needle...

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