Small thing, Big meaning in Season Holiday’s

Do you remember the time of your students, the time without internet, no phone signal. When we need to meet each other, we have to run hard on the old bicycle 20km, and then realize that your friend is not home, them on the way to your home.

Do you remember the time with the first love, the time without email, no social network. When you need to disclose the velvet memory, interested, you spend all night to write a letter, finished writing deleted, finished writing again. When you just sent it, you received her mail.

Have you ever wondered, how long did we care, show true feelings with friends, relatives. Sit down, relax and be peaceful. Think about the last emotions when you suddenly realize that a distant relative is standing on the porch. Or the feeling of nervousness when the mailman called your name out of the alley, guessing someone else sent a letter to you.

Show your love for your loved ones, create the emotions you have forgotten. Forget about the Facebook, forget about Zalo, forget about the technology that brought us back together so close but almost invisible to each other.

That is the real reason for VietNet to create Christmas cards, with very small details, rustic but close. The cards are made entirely by hand with the craftsmanship, the hand of the craftsman, from the paper, color and enthusiasm. And give yourself your hand, instead of the keyboard and send button to send love with the unexpected feelings to loved ones.

…send your love